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Nintendo Intends to Continue Supporting Switch for 5-6 Years

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In an interview with The Nikkei at the start of the year, Tatsumi Kimishima (President of Nintendo) stated that he hopes to continue selling the Switch for more than 5 or 6 years before moving on to a new console.

After struggling to sell the Wii U, which has already been outsold by the Switch in less than a year, Nintendo released the Switch just over four years after the Wii U first launched. For comparison, the number of years between each of Nintendo’s past console releases in North America is as follows:

  • NES – SNES: Oct. 1985 – Aug. 1991
  • SNES – N64: Aug. 1991- Sept. 1996
  • N64- Gamcube: Sept. 1996- Nov. 2001
  • Gamecube – Wii: Nov. 2001- Nov. 2006
  • Wii – Wii U: Nov. 2006- Nov. 2012
  • Wii U – Switch: Nov. 2012 – Mar. 2017

Five to six years of support for the Switch would fit it right in with the lifespan of most of Nintendo’s other consoles, and with the way the Switch is selling it’s very possible it could last a full six years like the Wii if it keeps its momentum going. With third part support returning after the Wii U’s struggles, a rise of indie games releasing on the Switch’s eShop, and Nintendo continuing to create new ways to interact with games such as Labo, it seems the Switch is headed toward a healthy lifespan that can appeal to gamers of all ages and genres.


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