Nintendo, Game Freak Register for New Pokémon-Based Trademark

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Looks like the next evolution of Pokémon might be coming in the form of rarer monsters. Earlier today, Nintendo, Game Freak, and Creatures Inc., the majority owners of the franchise, filed a joint trademark for the phrase “Ultra Shiny.” Other than those terms, no other information was given.

The trademark extends to all forms of merchandising: the TCG, new video games or television, and even songs are all included in the umbrella of the phrase. Basically, the new title could be applied to just one, or all, of the different media.

Some examples of Shiny Pokémon.

Now, as any avid Pokémon player may know, “Shiny” Poke’s are rare. These hard-to-find companions are a fun way to change up your party, as they are simply color-changed skins to the original Pokemon. Knowing this, it’s hard to imagine what exactly “Ultra Shiny” may imply.

It could just be Nintendo’s new naming culture, as all the recent items related to Pokémon have had that thrown in (“Ultra Beasts,” “Ultra Prism,” “Ultra” games, etc.) What are your thoughts on the newest Pokémon information? Could it be related to the newest generation of Pokémon games?

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