Next Nintendo Direct Seemingly Slated for January 11

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The newest Nintendo Direct is all but confirmed to be happening on Thursday, January 11. The rumors have been swirling about possible Nintendo Direct dates ever since a reddit user found an EA photo mentioning the broadcast.

The confirmation came from ResetEra user John Harker, claiming that he knew the hard date to be January 11, but noted it could be delayed, claiming, “…dunno if any of the timing has changed because I’ve been out of the game for a bit.” Mr. Harker is confirmed by ResetEra staff to be a reliable source and insider for information, and as such the normal grain of salt that comes with these claims doesn’t seem to apply here. The date also follows Amazon listings and placeholders for 18 unannounced games for Nintendo Switch. 

Unfortunately no exact time has been discovered, but if any previous presentations are indicators, the schedule could be as early as 6am PST/9am EST (when the Xenoblade Chronicles 2 aired), or as late as 8pm PST/11pm EST (when Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp aired). Once any official word is known we will let you know.

What are your predictions on what we might hear from the forthcoming broadcast? Let us know in the comments below.


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