New Version of the Nintendo Switch Planned for Summer 2019

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If you thought the current Nintendo Switch was here to stay, think again: according to sources at the Wall Street Journal, Nintendo is planning for a revised Nintendo Switch model to be released later next year. This information was reported by “suppliers and others with direct knowledge” of the new version.

As to what Nintendo is planning to upgrade, the information remains unclear.

The ideas that have been bounced around involve revamping the LCD screen, as well as improving weight and overall portability. Both of these seem legitimate, as the Switch’s current screen isn’t up-to-par with some smartphones on the market.

A quick comparison of 3DS models.

Of course, releasing revised products a year or two after the first is nothing new for the software giant.

Nintendo has, almost to a tee, refreshed its hardware offerings when it deems them necessary, such as the latest with the New Nintendo 3DSXL and New Nintendo 2DSXL lines. With the original Nintendo 3DS a larger version, the 3DSXL, came one-year after its launch in 2011. Then, two-years after that in 2014, Nintendo released the New Nintendo 3DS line, bringing more upgrades to the handheld console.

Current sales data of the Nintendo Switch console to-date.

Overall, it sounds as if Nintendo is quick to revamp the Switch to stay competitive in the console market, while keeping new and old adopters happy. Plus, Nintendo must be wanting to hit their lofty console sales goals.

If anymore information is released regarding this story, we’ll be sure to share it with you.

In the meantime, what types of upgrades or tweaks would you like to see from any new Nintendo Switch console? Our first choice would be a way to play 3DS games straight from the Switch, as well as better battery life when running handheld.


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