New Nintendo 3DS XL Has Been Discontinued in Europe

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It appears the era of the New Nintendo 3DS XL is slowly coming to an end, at least in Europe. According to a Nintendo product listing report found earlier today via the resetera forums, the New Nintendo 3DS XL won’t be sold in stores anymore.

The post, created by user Shiggy, states that,

I just got hold of the latest Nintendo product list (i.e. a list of products retailers and distributors can purchase from Nintendo of Europe or affiliated companies) and the last two Nintendo 3DS XL products (Samus and SNES LEs) have vanished. Only 2DS bundles and the 4 New Nintendo 2DS XL bundles are available now.

In addition, Shiggy shared a graphic showing the 3DS product line’s shipments over the past six-and-a-half years. The image, as seen below, paints a stark picture: NN3DS XL shipment percentages have been following a negative correlation for about a year-and-a-half. The latest shipment percentage goes on to feature heavy New 2DS XL numbers, further proving Nintendo’s intentions.


It seems that if you want to grab any edition of the NN3DS XL, the time should be now. Nintendo is in full support of the Switch, and it would make sense to eliminate a product that is two-thirds the cost of their flagship system. There are still a few editions of the system out there, at least for U.S. residents, including the Amazon-exclusive SNES one previously released, but the North American region may be next. We’ll keep you updated with any additional news regarding the NN3DS XL’s status.

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