New Fire Emblem: Warriors DLC Pack Available February 14

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Fire Emblem Warriors, which launched in Oct. 2017, is getting its second DLC pack on Feb. 14. Focused on Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon, the DLC pack will include three new characters in Navarre, Minerva, and Linde.

In addition to new characters, Fire Emblem Warriors will also get three new History scenarios. New weapons will come with the History scenarios according to Nintendo, with the DLC page saying “Play through the new History Maps to unlock a special weapon for each character” as well as having new weapon attributes and skills available. The DLC pack will also include new support conversations, new costumes to unlock in History Mode, and a set of “Armor Break Models.”

In addition to the DLC pack, Feb. 14 will also see a free update that features new weapon attributes, a higher level cap, and more. So even if you don’t want to purchase the DLC, anyone who bought Fire Emblem: Warriors will have something new to look forward to on the 14th. Fire Emblem: Warriors is currently on sale on Amazon for both Switch and 3DS, and the Special Edition for Switch is currently available on sale as well. You can purchase the DLC season pass for $20, or pay $8.99 for each individual DLC pack.

Nintendo also announced that you will soon be able to spend My Nintendo Gold Points on DLC and digital games on Switch, so My Nintendo users who haven’t purchased the season pass may be able to get a discount with their Gold Points if they wait until early March. Nintendo also plans to release their third and final Fire Emblem: Warriors DLC pack in March, focused on Fire Emblem: Awakening.



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