New and Improved D-pad on the Xenoblade Pro Controller for Switch

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Nintendo’s Pro Controller for the Switch, released at launch, is one of the best modern controllers in recent memory.  It feels great, performs amazingly well, and absolutely lives up to its name.

Over the past few months, Nintendo has started releasing special editions of the Pro Controller with themes to go along with major releases.  The most recent of these is the color scheme matched with Xenoblade Chronicles 2, a hotly anticipated sequel to the stellar original action RPG.

As reported on reddit  the modifications to this new edition of the controller can extend beyond the color scheme, with some models including a new and improved directional pad.  The change involved extending the center pole of the pad mechanism to increase the travel of presses, which adds a more precise feel to the control.  Nintendo also made adjustments to the contact membrane surrounding the post.

The directional pad being a bit soft was the only (and admittedly minor) universal criticism of the pro control at launch.  These sorts of revisions are common in gaming hardware, and usually not noted by the manufacturer.

The discovery appears to point to a small hardware revision.  It’s not currently present in all units, aside from the Xenoblade special edition, but we assume will eventually be universally available as retailers sell through their existing stock of older controllers, albeit unadvertised.

How does your new Xenoblade Pro Controller feel?  Let us know!

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