Metamorphosis – Hands-On Impression at PAX East 2020

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As I made my way over to the All in! Games booth at PAX East 2020, I found myself placed in front of a game called Metamorphosis, in which the protagonist is transformed into a bug. After this transformation, you must move through a changing world that now is much, much bigger. Coming from developer Ovid Works, this first-person, puzzle-platforming adventure offers a unique look into our world from an entirely smaller perspective.

Your name is Gregor and for some reason, you are now a bug. For most this would be cause for concern, and Gregor seems to have a reaction you would expect. Unsure of why this happened, you must travel across landscapes of large proportions in order to try to escape this nightmare. What could have possibly caused this?


The main loop of what I played consisted of making some precise jumps in a platforming extravaganza. Jumping from the rungs of a chair into an open desk drawer and beyond allows you to really feel the size of what is happening around you. The main portion of the demo I saw had me moving through a paper press, of sorts, in which gears and mechanisms are moving and turning at all times, forcing you to pay close attention to your jumps before diving headfirst into them. 

One of the interesting things about this title is how you can still interact with things in the environment. To gather up some information, you will discover pages of written text strewn about, with which you will need to read to get some back story. This can be done by simply finding the page and selecting a button input to bring it up on your screen, but the way I preferred to handle it was to run back and forth doing my best to decipher what’s written on the large piece of paper from the tiny form of the bug. Why make things easier when you want to be fully immersed as a small bug boy? 


Puzzles seem to consist of how to properly maneuver and work with the environment in order to progress, such as waiting for a stack of gears to turn to allow you to move between them. Even if movement and precision platforming will be the meat and potatoes of this one, the first-person perspective and interesting vistas based on the size you are and where you are moving around make for a package I am stoked to try out further when the game releases 

Currently set for a 2020 release date on Steam, Metamorphosis also has a Nintendo Switch port planned for some time in the future, and I can’t wait to be able to run around and discover what this world is hiding on our favorite little handheld.

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