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Limited Run Games Makes First Switch Release Announcement

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Limited Run Games (LRG), a game distributor that provides physical releases for digital only games, has made their first Switch announcement: Saturday Morning RPG will be arriving this spring.

Originally released in 2012 for iOS, Saturday Morning RPG is an episodic RPG where you play as a high school student who receives the power to use magic to fight using everyday objects. It is heavily inspired by Saturday morning cartoons from the 1980s and contains a myriad of references to the time period as well. Over the years it has also received releases on Steam, PS4, and PS Vita.

While the game is fairly short and all the episodes combined only add up to a few hours, it’s a good starting point for LRG as a game they’ve released before on the PS4 and PS Vita and they have an established relationship with the developers. Pricing for the Switch release has not been announced yet, but the PS4 and PS Vita releases retailed at $25 when they went on sale in early 2016.

LRG’s first foray into Switch releases has been long awaited, as their interest in Switch physical releases has gone back as far as the release of the console in March 2017 when they said they hoped to have their first game out in Summer 2017. Unfortunately, getting to work on the Switch so early didn’t work out. Three months later, LRG stated that Nintendo decided to keep them on hold and instead focus their efforts on larger upcoming retail releases.

Several months later, in October 2017, LRG announced that they finally had approval to publish physical copies of games for the Switch. With Saturday Morning RPG now officially announced, hopefully LRG will be able to use this first announcement to build momentum for some strong Switch support.

While no other games are currently confirmed for the Switch, it appears LRG already has at least one or two more titles set in stone as they have said on their Twitter account that their next Switch announcement will happen when they reach 60k followers (they are currently just shy of 56k) and they previously stated a Switch announcement would come at 65k followers.

Additionally, although Saturday Morning RPG is LRG’s first announcement for the Switch, they have stated that it will not be their first release. Although we don’t know what LRG’s next announced games will be, it seems at least one of them could be available as soon as within the next couple months. LRG’s co-founder David Bogart has gone on record stating he would love to provide physical releases for Thimbleweed Park, Fast RMX, and Golf Story in particular. When asked what their first title would be for the Switch, he replied that it would be a “hole-in one” which seems to imply we may soon see physical copies of Golf Story available.

While there are plenty of newer digital releases such as these that LRG could work on, they also have an extensive catalog of previously published titles including Shantae and the Pirate’s Curse, Firewatch, Ys Origin, Furi, Shadow Complex Remastered, Wonder Boy and the Dragon’s Trap, Oceanhorn, and many more in addition to special editions for many games that include extra physical goodies.

What digital games would you want to see get a physical release for the Switch?

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