Is Nintendo Developing a Game Boy Classic Edition?

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It’s pretty evident that Nintendo has a massive hit on their hands with the Classic Edition series.  The NES Classic Edition was impossible to find in stores, sold out online in seconds, and  was going for many times it’s MSRP on eBay.  The SNES Classic has been (so far, according to reports) slightly easier to come by, and it looks like Nintendo was able to approach meeting the demand this year.

This whole situation begs the question: what’s next?  Many are assuming an Nintendo 64 Classic Edition is all but inevitable as the big N’s next move.  But is it?

A Twitter account with the handle @trademark_bot that follows trademark applications and filings in Japan reported that a curious application filing was submitted by Nintendo, containing the below image:

Could this be Nintendo’s next console in the Classics series?

Now, this could be just wishful thinking on our part, but it seems that a Game Boy Classic might be a bit more likely than Nintendo’s first 3D platform.

The retro feel of the original Game Boy is more in line with what Nintendo seems to be going for with its Classics line.  Yes, absolutely, the N64 is old at this point.  But is it (or the first Playstation, for that matter), really “retro”?  When this writer thinks retro games, he thinks 2D, pixel art, and chiptunes, not 3D polygons (as awesome as the N64 is).  That’s the Game Boy line at its foundation.

Let’s also not forget, until the Playstation 2, the Game Boy was the most successful console of all time (and still holds the 3rd slot) with just shy of 119 million units sold.  The Nintendo 64 sits significantly below that at around 32 million units, also well below both the NES and SNES.  If Nintendo wants to continue to tap into the nostalgia of gamers, a Game Boy Classic seems like a winning bet, and the real inevitable choice.

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Source: Twitter

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