Hulu SVP Comments on Working with Nintendo, Bringing Touch Controls to Switch

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It seems that Nintendo always wanted Hulu to be the first video app on their new console, and are actively working on touch controls for the future, according to  SVP of Experience at Hulu Ben Smith. In an AMA (ask me anything) on Reddit earlier today, he answered the following question from user Iglooset: “What has the feedback been like after the release of Hulu on Switch? And if you can share, what was it like working with Nintendo to release the first video-streaming app for the Switch?”

Ben’s response was pretty straightforward, saying,

“Nintendo was great to work with, giving us early access to hardware and developer documentation that enabled us to be the first video app on Switch. I use it all the time. Biggest feedback that we’ve gotten and that I feel as a regular user is that it would be better if it supported touch. We are currently working with Nintendo on this.”

The biggest takeaways from this are that: Nintendo is a good company to collaborate with; Hulu was given the tools to become the first video app on the Switch; and they’re actively pursing touch controls, which is seemingly a feature users want. 

We know people are somewhat disappointed with the Switch not having Netflix available, but it seems that Hulu will be sticking around for awhile. We can’t help but think that touch controls make sense, and will bring any details with that as they surface.

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