Splatoon 2 Update

Huge Splatoon 2 Update Looks to Reinvigorate Player-base, Bring New Ones In

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This week Splatoon 2 is pushing out its biggest update yet on November 23th, featuring tons (seriously, tons) of new content just in time for the holiday season. Yes, to all you wondering, new hairstyles will be included.

Strap yourself in, as the update brings with it the following add-ons: four new maps, a new stage for Salmon Run, brand-new hairstyles, a larger level cap, new music tracks, a level reset option, and over 140 pieces of new gear are also present. Nintendo also will add the ability for players to change gear between matches, rather than exiting to the lobby. Essentially, if you were tired of how your current character looks, if any of the maps were giving you a bore, if any of the music was painful to listen to, or if you had reached the maximum level, you’re in luck: this update is for you.

The gear itself contains pieces of headgear, winter options, throwback gear from the original game, and shoes to run around in. The level cap will now be a staggering 99, up from the previous 50, and players will have the option to reset their character down to level 1, if they’re feeling frisky. The new maps, with the first, “MakoMart”, releasing on November 24th is based on a big-box retail store, with the rest titled Shellendorf Institute, based on a museum, Walleye Warehouse, based on a warehouse, and Arowana Mall, based on, you guessed it, a shopping mall. The latter two come from the original game. The new Salmon Run map is titled “Salmonid Smokeyard”

The timing of the update comes as Splatoon 2 looks to keep its steady and strong player base alive, along with appealing to new players and parents alike during the holiday season. Producer Hisashi Nagomi knows the importance of keeping a game evolving and relevant, saying, “…that we’re releasing an experience that evolves over time,” while also acknowledging that, “[when Super Mario Odyssey launched] we saw fewer than normal users logging on to play the game.”

Keep in mind that there will also be a mid-December update that will add a new game mode, titled “Clam Blitz”, into the mix.

All of seems like good news for the game’s future. Splatoon 2 has been around since July 21st, and is highly recommended from us, but looks especially enticing within the next few weeks.  Check out some of the new features in the video below.

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