Harvest Moon: Light of Hope Coming to Switch in 2018

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The newest title in the Harvest Moon franchise, Light of Hope, is still on track to launch in early 2018 for the Nintendo Switch, developer and publisher Natsume Inc. confirmed today via their Facebook page.

The premise of the game starts with players sailing out to find new land, only to be drifted into a small harbor town after a storm. It is then up to them to save the town, by means of tending livestock, planting crops, repairing buildings, and making new friends. Harvest Moon: Light of Hope also features new gameplay elements, such as the aforementioned repairing and Farming Friends, with the hope that they open up new ways for players to sow the rewards.

The announcement came today as a way to reveal the release date of the first Harvest Moon game for PC. The franchise is celebrating its 20th anniversary currently this year.

Check out the gameplay trailer below.

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