Google Maps Adds Mario as Navigator to Celebrate Mario Day

Time to enable some Mario Time!

“OK Google (Hey Siri), have Mario take me somewhere to get burgers.”

“Sure thing”

Just like that, Mario is joining you wherever you go with Google Maps. To celebrate MAR10 Day, Nintendo and Google teamed up to bring another Easter egg into the popular navigation app.

The update will be available for both iOS and Android users, and features Mario in his signature kart leading the way. The Maps update will be available for on week.

In order to get this fun feature yourself, simply update your Google Maps app on your phone. Then, find a place to go. Once you get to the part where you hit “Go,” simply tap the yellow block (you’ll definitely recognize it), and Mario will appropriately appear.

Make sure you’re driving safe while using driving directions, but if you ever wanted a reason to use Google Maps’ navigation more, now seems perfect.

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