Feudal Alloy Nintendo Switch

Feudal Alloy Brings Medieval Fishbowl Robots to the Nintendo Switch

The Metroidvania is a genre which has attributed itself greatly to Nintendo’s latest handheld. Titles like these which feature expansive branching paths full of exploration coupled with a typical action-rpg element, will always feel right at home on any portable system; enhancing the playability of titles such as Shantae ½ Genie Hero, and The Mummy Demastered. Coming by way Attu Games however, is an all new iteration of the Metroidvania genre which will be premiering soon on the Nintendo Switch.

Feudal Alloy Nintendo Switch

Feudal Alloy is a Metroidvania which features robots in a medieval setting. The catch however, is that they are all powered by fishbowls. In Feudal Alloy you play as a character named Attu (a name which is shared with the studio) one of these aforementioned fishbowl powered robots. Attu is a farmer as well, until his life of simplicity is interrupted one day with outlaws attacking his village; burning down his house in the process. In response, Attu arms himself with his sword, and runs away deep into the woods. As Attu, you’ll be traversing this treacherous hand-drawn environment, and along the way improve your abilities with combat as you slash your way through other mechanical entities.The title also features a branching story-path, one which contains various dialogue options. It’s a rather ambitious game for a team only consisting of two people.

Feudal Alloy Nintendo Switch

The two individuals behind Feudal Alloy are located in the Czech Republic, and save for the music and some sound effects; every facet of the game was a product of their imagination. This includes the game’s animations, art, story, programming, and even game design. Previously they’ve been able to work on Toby: The Secret Mine, a puzzle-platformer which was released on the Nintendo Wii U. A title which also shares the same intimate pedigree of being developed by the same two people.

While Feudal Alloy has yet to receive a release date, you can check out the teaser trailer below to get a taste of what the game is going to be like. As for any more news regarding Feudal Alloy, or the Nintendo Switch in general, keep your tabs on Nintendeal.

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