DOOM & Wolfenstein II Get Switch Releases

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Update 9/15/17 3:00pm
YouTuber Cycu1 has uploaded a new comparison video. Check it out:

Update 9/15/17 9:30am
Doom is playable at a Bethesda event. One photo has been posted on Reddit’s /r/NintendoSwitch:

Doom on Nintendo Switch
First look at Doom being played on Nintendo Switch

One of the biggest outcries from fans of the Nintendo Switch is for more third party support. Nintendo consoles have long enjoyed some of the most critically acclaimed first party games, but widespread third party support is what marks the most popular of Nintendo’s consoles, and it looks like the Switch is about to pull out the big guns.

Those guns come by way of Bethesda, who has decided to support the Nintendo handheld with serious gusto. When The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim was announced for Switch, many players were excited to have one of their favorite (and biggest) RPG’s available for play “on the go”, but widespread criticism arose about the game’s age. Third party support and popular ports are always appreciated, but many have already played Skyrim, and those players hunger for something new.

In response, during the Nintendo Direct on September 13, Nintendo revealed that the Switch version of Skyrim would be joined by both DOOM and the upcoming Wolfenstein II. Skyrim originally released in 2011, but DOOM is much more recent. DOOM released just last year, and Wolfenstein II won’t come out until October of this year, with the Switch version following in 2018. So much for those who still mistakenly think Nintendo is just for “kiddie games”.

And for those of you wondering if the Switch can really handle Doom’s graphics, check out this group of comparison shots:

DOOM PS4 vs Nintendo Switch
Doom graphics PS4 vs Nintendo Switch (collected by @Pixelpar)

Fun Fact: This marks the first time a game in the DOOM franchise has been playable on a Nintendo console since the release of the original DOOM and DOOM II on the GameBoy Advance.

For Nintendo, this fantastic show of support from Bethesda could be the beginning of a much more robust third-party line-up.

That is the hope of this editor.

Which announcement has you most excited? (DOOM for me!) Let us know in the comments!

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