Deliver Us The Moon

Deliver Us The Moon – Hands-On Impressions at PAX East 2020

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Arriving at the Wired Productions booth, I found myself short on time in between appointments, but thankfully the amazing team there were willing and able to speedrun me through a demo of Deliver Us The Moon from KeokeN Interactive — a Dutch indie developer. 

This spacewalking, sci-fi thriller adventure follows the quest of an astronaut attempting to make his way to the moon as the Earth’s resources have been diminished. It is up to you to save humanity before it is too late. The mechanics involved are based on real science, or as close as you can come in a video game, as you go through the steps to launch a rocket and survive the desolate waste known as space. 

Deliver Us The Moon

In the demo I was presented with, we were going through the opening stages of prepping our rocket for take-off. Running around an installation featuring all the gizmos and technology you would expect was a bit overwhelming, but the fact it lives and breathes exactly how I would imagine this setting actually functioning is a testament to the work and research done by the development team. 

After learning the simple moving and crouching we proceeded to button-pressing, valve-turning, and all the other necessary steps needed to take prior to shooting off into the unknown. The procedures are simple, but interesting, as they don’t dull you with the hard details, but just enough to get you wondering about what you’re doing and how closely it resembles reality. 

Deliver Us The Moon

Just as we got through most of the step-by-step approach, my time with the demo ran short, destroying my chances of getting into the rocket. What blew my mind was the fact that even going through this tutorial phase, coming short of the epic conclusion, I still was enamored with how good the game looked and how much I wanted to get it in my hands so I could shoot to the stars as soon as possible. 

Deliver Us The Moon is available right now on Steam, coming to PS4 and Xbox One on April 24th, with a Nintendo Switch port planned for release sometime in 2020.

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