Delightful Action RPG Moonlighter Coming to Switch

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11 bit studios and developer Digital Sun Games announced that their newest action-RPG, Moonlighter, will also be setting up shop on Nintendo Switch. The announcement came via 11 bit studios’ Twitter and YouTube channels, with the ending showing off the inclusion of the Switch.

Moonlighter takes the likes of The Legend of Zelda action-RPG system, rogue-lite elements, plus a shopkeeping system, and merges them all together.

The new indie title follows the story of Will, a run-of-the-mill shopkeeper who secretly dreams of the hero life, with your job being to take the 100 gold coins given to you at the start and turn them into something grand. Players must venture into the randomly generated dungeons in order to find loot to sell in their shop.

No exact release date was announced, but it’s expected to launch on Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, PS4, and PC sometime in early 2018. Take a peek at the announcement trailer below.

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