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Celeste Soundtrack Gets Vinyl Release

If you’re into the Switch indie scene, you’ve probably heard of Celeste, a tough and precise platformer with a touching story, tight controls, and fantastic original soundtrack composed by Lena Raine—and today, record label Ship to Shore PhonoCo. announced they’re bringing the soundtrack to vinyl and cassette this spring! The double LP set will feature deluxe gatefold packaging, with the first disc on “Madeline Pink” and the second on “Badeline Purple.” This set will also include exclusive liner notes from Lena Raine. Ship to Shore is also releasing an exclusive Celeste “B-Sides” cassette, featuring remixes of the game’s original soundtrack.

The deluxe double LP color vinyl is releasing alongside a "B-side" cassette!
The deluxe double LP color vinyl is releasing alongside a “B-sides” cassette!

The label will also release Lena Raine’s next solo album, Singularitycurrently available on Bandcamp. We’re stoked for this release and can’t wait to spin this soundtrack on our turntable! Stay tuned here at Nintendeal for the latest updates on this upcoming release.

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