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Animal Crossing: New Horizons Direct 10.15.2021

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We just watched the 20-minute Animal Crossing: New Horizons Direct and here’s what we took away:

The update is scheduled for November 5th. This is the last major free content update for Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

The Roost
Visit Brewster and enjoy a cup of fresh coffee at The Roost inside the museum.

The Roost, Brewster’s cafe, is coming to the museum, and you might run into some residents. Isabelle makes an appearance in the direct taking a much-needed coffee break. You can use amiibo to invite characters of your choosing, some of whom may bring along guests!

Kapp’n is back! He will serenade you while ferrying you to a mystery island. The mystery island may feature mysterious flora, a different season, or a different time of day. We spotted vines against cliffs that can be picked up and brought home.

Harv’s island is getting an update: you can work to make it a bazaar with a variety of shops. Kicks, Lief, and Redd can eventually set up shop on Harv’s island. You can also customize furniture from Cyrus, a character from Animal Crossing: New Leaf, and you can learn new hairstyles from Harriet, another New Leaf character. Katrina is returning to give you your daily fortune, and Tortimer even makes an appearance!

Kapp'n can take you to a mystery island!
Kapp’n can take you to a mystery island! What is this mysterious new foliage?

Morning stretching at the plaza is coming to ACNH. Stretch with your villagers and pop a tune in the tape deck sitting in the plaza.

Town ordinances are back! These were a feature in New Leaf. Ordinances include Beautiful Island, Early Bird, Night Owl, and Bell Bloom. If you enact the Early Bird ordinance, your residents will be up and active earlier in the morning. Ordinances allow players to further customize their experience.

Cooking is coming to ACNH via DIY recipes! Farming is coming! We spotted tomatoes, wheat, sugarcane, potatoes, carrots, and more!

In addition to pumpkins, you can farm potatoes, wheat, and so much more!

Accent walls, ceiling decor, and ceiling lighting are coming for home decorations! Designs for furniture customization can now be used as clothing or as wallpaper and flooring in your home. Plus, residents can visit your home and you can visit their homes! You can also acquire more furniture items never seen before through Nook Miles, there will be newly added redeemable items via Nook Miles at the Resident Services kiosk, and Nook’s Cranny is getting new furniture never seen before!

More storage is coming! 2400 was the maximum before, but we now have 3 more expansions available for a total of 5000 spaces. And here’s a super exciting update: you can access your storage and ABD through a new storage shed and an ABD machine! Both are furniture items that can be placed anywhere on your island!

Permanently place ladders against the sides of cliffs! This is a new DIY recipe available from Nook’s Cranny.

The maximum number of bridges and inclines is increasing to 10 each! We are getting 9 new fence types, including frozen, green bamboo, park block, and corrugated iron. Fence customization is coming! Plus, there is a new tool to craft: a wooden ladder setup kit! Permanently place ladders against cliffs to scale them with ease! You can buy this recipe at Nook’s Cranny.

Camera updates are coming where you can use a tripod to get in a picture and take photos from eye level.

There are 11 new hairstyles coming, including the ones Harriet will teach you at Harv’s island. Plus, 11 new reactions are coming, like waving goodbye, stretching, and bouncing to music.

New hairstyles are coming from Harriet!

A new Nookphone app called Island Life 101 is coming, providing tips for enjoying island life.

There are 12 new KK Slider songs coming, including KK Break and KK Polka. Plus, a music box is coming to New Horizons!

Gyroids are coming! When you find a Gyroid fragment, plant it, and water it, it will mature into a Gyroid overnight. After you find one on your island, you may find more after the rain. Additionally, you can customize them to fit in with your home decor!

Paid DLC called Animal Crossing New Horizons: Happy Home Paradise is on its way!

Finally, there is some paid DLC coming: Animal Crossing: New Horizons Happy Home Paradise! This is basically a remake of the Animal Crossing Happy Home Designer available on 3DS. Fly via Dodo Airlines to an archipelago where you can design dream resort and develop a bustling resort town! You will be compensated for your efforts, and you may use your earnings to purchase unique furniture that is hard to come by on your own island. The expansion DLC is only $24.99 to download as standalone DLC and preorders open on October 29. Alternatively, the DLC is included in the upcoming Nintendo Online Expansion coming to Nintendo Switch.

A new amiibo card series is coming November 5!

But wait — there’s more! Series 5 amiibo cards arrive on 11/5! This new series will feature some characters not previously available on amiibo cards, plus new characters as well! There are 16 new villagers coming to New Horizons and they will be featured in this new series of amiibo cards. Each pack will contain 6 cards.

We don’t know about you, but we got WAY more than we were expecting from this update! What do you think? Tell us your thoughts on Twitter!

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