Analogue Announces the Super Nt!

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Analogue surprised everyone this morning by announcing the Super Nt, a FPGA clone of the Super Nintendo / Super Famicom platform on Twitter.

The Super Nt follows Analogue’s very successful NT Mini Nintendo / Famicom system.  The FPGA-based Super Nt will offer 1080p HDMI out, compatibility with all SNES accessories and controllers, upgradable firmware via an SD card slot, and no input lag.

It is still to be confirmed, but likely Kevin Horton (aka kevtris) is behind the coding on this new console, having worked extensively with Analogue in the past.

The Super Nt comes in 4 colors: black, grey/purple (SNES style), grey/dark grey (Super Famicom style), and the most-90s-scheme-ever, transparent.  It is not bundled with a wireless controller, but they are available in matching styles with a wireless receiver for $39.99.

It is available for preorder now for 189.99 US, with an anticipated ship date of February 2018.

Watch this space for updates as the story progresses!

Will you be pre-ordering an Super Nt?  Let us know in the comments below!

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