The Top 10 Games That Are Missing from the SNES Classic

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We are enjoying the SNES Classic over here at NintenDeal, but when compared to the NES Classic, we feel like it could include… a little more.   The original mini console contained 30 games, and while some of them were less than stellar (we’re looking at you, Ice Climber), 30 was a nice, satisfying number.  The 20(+1) games on the SNES classic are all heavy hitters, but imagine what it could have been with a full roster of 30.  We did, and here are the titles we really missed!

10) Pilotwings

Why: Pilotwings feels like it was left off just to end up with an even number.  This is an iconic game for the SNES, and though many decry it as a mere tech demo, it’s still a lot of fun and definitely deserved a place on the system.

9) Zombies Ate My Neighbors

Why: The SNES Classic comes with two controllers, and yet, it only has a few select couch co-op titles. ZAMN is peak SNES co-op, with extremely fun gameplay, and a level of zaniness only classic LucasArts could muster.  Unfortunately, this being behind the Disney curtain likely led to its exclusion.

8) U.N. Squadron

Why: Shoot ‘em ups were not the SNES’s strong point, for a multitude of reasons, and most of the few titles available honestly are not great.  Despite this, U.N. Squadron stands out from the pack.  It has a silky smooth frame rate (a rarity for SNES shooters), a great power-up system, and lots of action in a not-brutally-hard package.  

7) Final Fantasy II (IV)

Why: Final Fantasy III (VI) is absolutely the pinnacle of 16-bit Final Fantasy.  That said, Final Fantasy II was the title that introduced most SNES owners to a really engaging turn-based RPG.  Yes, its story is linear, and the characters are locked into their roles, but it’s a great story, and too much choice can be paralyzing to beginners to the genre, which most people were at the time.  

6) ActRaiser

Why: The 16-bit era was the first time consoles could realistically handle strategy games.  ActRaiser serves as an amazing introduction to a very popular genre, by alternating action levels with SimCity like building.  It’s a fantastic game with a great art style, and never feels tedious.

5) Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles IV: Turtles in Time

Why: Ah, Turtles, how we love thee.  Finally, a home port of an arcade hit that surpassed the original. This is the definitive co-op beat ‘em up, and one of the best games for the system.  Beautiful graphics, tight controls, incredible soundtrack.  TMNT likely fell afoul of licensing issues, as the IP has been kicked around and around the gaming industry since this title’s release, with all older releases generally kept on lockdown.

4) Super Mario All-Stars

Why: All three US Mario releases were present on the NES Classic.  Did anyone actually get one? Nintendo, throw us a bone here.  In addition to the hard-as-nails “Lost Levels” (the real Super Mario Bros. 2), this includes a save feature for all the classic games.  Since the SNES Classic is all about retro titles with modern convenience, this is a no-brainer.

3) Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy’s Kong Quest

Why: Donkey Kong Country was a revolutionary title that gave the SNES new legs against the encroaching 32 bit systems.  DKC 2 took everything great about the original, and refined it into a truly incredible game.  This is one of the best platformers on the system, and while odd to have only the second entry in a series on the Classic (or would it? Double Dragon II, we see you), this is absolutely the better game.

2) Tetris Attack

Why: Looking at the final lineup for the SNES Classic, could Kirby Super Star be considered a puzzle game?  Maybe.  Even so, Tetris Attack is one of the finest puzzle games ever made for a home console. Its frantic head-to-head action brought unforgettable couch experiences to the SNES (and another 2 player simultaneous title!).

1) Chrono Trigger

Why: This is obvious.  Hailed by many as the best single RPG ever made, its exclusion from the SNES Classic system borders on criminal.  Nothing else needs to be said.  Sure, Earthbound is there, cool, since it’s so expensive, but Chrono Trigger is polished, and the better game.  Nintendo, if you release one downloadable title for the SNES Classic, make it this one!

2 thoughts on “The Top 10 Games That Are Missing from the SNES Classic

  1. Thanks to a recently released hack, I was able to put all my old SNES games that didn’t make the cut, onto my Mini Classic. Now, I actually do have 30 games on my Mini. DKC 2&3, Monopoly, Tetris 2, Toy Story, etc. XD
    You could probably do the same with your list.

  2. The Super Nintendo era was such a great time to grow up in the former United States of America. The early 90’s was a great time to be a kid!

    It really surprises me how 16-bit game design has not caught on like the over used retro 8-bit has. I was hoping games would start to graduate to the 16-bit era of nostalgia but it has not. Hopefully soon!

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