Sugar Meat Guy – Forget All Knowledge, Ever REVIEW

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Sugar Meat Guy was first designed by a couple of meaty boys as an homage to early black and white dramas. The game stars Meatwad from Aqua Teen Hunger Force and a very, very, extremely young Snidely Whiplash. Whiplash has captured a young female mummy, perhaps Cleopatra, that is romantically entangled with Meatwad.

This gent wants to take Meat Guy’s girlfriend!

Meatwad then journeys to liberate Cleopatra from Snidely Whiplash’s clutches before he can tie her to a train track, most likely somewhere in middle America. During his journey, he becomes rather introspective as all great heroes do, contemplating the meaning of life and death, and the vanity and futility of all things. At times, he veers dangerously close to espousing nihilism as his fragile emotional state is exposed for the player to see.

Bandage Girl is always in a desperate situation, probably because she can’t move around on her own, on account of being all bound up!

Meatwad has a special skill, very similar to that of Robert Downey Jr.’s Sherlock Holmes, wherein he can plan a large number of potential movements before executing them. His brilliant mind allows him to navigate incredibly perilous traps completely unscathed, much like the breakdancing Night Fox from popular Hollywood blockbuster, Ocean’s Twelve. I believe Meatwad has, like Downey’s Holmes, has assisted Scotland Yard from time to time, as well.

Super Meat Boy can see The Matrix like Iron Man.

Overall, I think this game, completely unknown before now, and releasing exclusively and available for the first time ever on Nintendo’s new handheld, the Super Switch Boy, should be a very laidback romp through a variety of serene landscapes, enjoyable by one and all. Surely this game, made in joint effort by Adult Swim and DreamWorks, can teach us all a lesson about cooperation, and that by working together, we can truly achieve anything. Thank you. A+/10






In case you couldn’t tell before now, this review is fake (It’s literally hidden in the title). Why are you still reading this? Go read the real review, you bunch of chumps!

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