Roommate Takes Link Role-play to a New Level, Master Sword Involved in Crime

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Arguments among roommates happen often, but most don’t include video game props as weapons. However, that doesn’t mean they can’t happen: someone decided to channel their inner Link, which resulted in a stabs with real knife. According to Anchorage police, multiple roommates were involved in a dispute that started with the swinging of a replica The Legend of Zelda Master Sword, and ended with actual stab wounds from a non-replica kitchen knife.

A sword like this was used to stab someone in Alaska.

Punches were thrown between multiple roommates, eventually resulting in the suspect grabbing his replica Master Sword when he, according to court documents, “…hit [the defendant] multiple times with the sword.” Nothing concrete is known about how it started, other than words being exchanged between the two parties. Unfortunately no princess was saved, nor was Ganon defeated.

Ironically enough though, this is not the first time a Master Sword replica has been used in an act of violence: IGN reported about four years ago that a man was stabbed with a Master Sword replica in a domestic dispute, similar to the situation here.

While we all may want to swing (or have swung) a Master Sword around and feel like a true Hero of Time, we wouldn’t recommend taking up an actual knife in the process, especially if the role-play is going to end with someone actually getting hurt.


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