Nintendo Switch Has Three Times the Games Wii U Had After 279 Days

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Another day, another milestone achieved for the ever-successful Nintendo Switch. This time, it has to do with games and their sales. According to James O’Malley from Kotaku, “The Switch currently has more than three times as many games at this point [279 days] than the Wii U did, and more than double those of the original Wii.”

You heard that right: at day 279 into its launch cycle, the Nintendo Switch has a ton more content to offer gamers than either of Nintendo’s previous consoles. Also, if we take into account that the released games, on average, have a better Metacritic score than the games released for on the Wii U and Wii then we can see not only does the Switch have more to offer, but more and better games. James crunched the numbers for everyone, stating that:

We downloaded data on over 18,000 games and 250,000 reviews listed on the aggregator Metacritic. For as many games that had listed release dates (the overwhelming majority), we then calculated how many titles were available for the system on a given number of days from launch.We downloaded this data at the end of December – on the Switch’s 279th day on the market, so the it’s accurate until that point.

Take a look at the charts representing said data below:


Some of you may also be wondering how the Switch compares to the other consoles at this point in their release cycle. Again, when looking at total games available for people to play, the Switch still had more than the PS4 and Xbox One at the 279 day mark. That’s pretty insane, if you think about it.

Sure, skeptics might say that the Switch has had plenty of ports and rereleases to help pad those numbers, but the fact remains that there are more games wildly available, and that only helps Nintendo wanting to continue working with indie developers, as well as 3rd party in the future.

What does all of this represent for Nintendo? Essentially, the Switch is outperforming its clunky-predecessor, the Wii U, on all fronts.The amount of support the Switch has gotten has been astounding, and this can only signal more good times. It’s exciting to see the heights the Switch has already achieved in such a short time.

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