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Nintendo Labo Kit Already Mistaken for Garbage

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To throwaway, or to not throwaway? That was the question proposed when the cleaning crew at the USK, the German version of the ESRB, received their copy of the new Nintendo Labo kits. 

The story goes that they mistakenly thought it was garbage, and set it to be thrown away. Hopefully the Switch console itself wasn’t a part of the harmless foul! This experience does beg the question though: how many parents or kids will also mistake the cardboard pieces as legitimate trash?

At any rate, you can preorder the new Nintendo experiment today, maybe with more emphasis on getting the Customizable Set too. As always be sure to keep us in your minds for the latest news, deals, and reviews.

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4 thoughts on “Nintendo Labo Kit Already Mistaken for Garbage

  1. Was this a legit photo, or did some one photo shop that in the garbage bins just to have a picture to go with the story? Because it is clearly pixelated….

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