New Nintendo Switch Accessory Channels Classic Face-to-Face Arcade

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There are plenty of Nintendo Switch accessories available, from the Pro Controller to a Joy-Con Charging Grip, but none quite as unique as the newest to be announced: the “Face-to-Face Arcade Stand.” The model will allow two Switch docks and four Joy-Con to be inserted into the device, bringing players closer together for the action on screen. Of course, fighting games such as Pokkén Tournament DX or Street Fighter will also just be plain cool to see when attached.

The Face-to-Face Arcade Stand (a working name), designed by Japanese accessory maker Columbus Circle, will be released in May, exclusively to the Japanese market, and should cost around ¥8300, or $77 converted. The model is made of ABS plastic, and has the estimated dimensions of 10x13x9 inches. You can pre-order it now from Play-Asia (ships to the U.S.) and save $3 when you use coupon code “NDEAL” at checkout.

The overall design is very similar to this machine.

If you’re searching for other interesting accessories, Columbus Circle already has this folding arcade stand for one Switch console. If you’re interested in purchasing this to up your game room and party appeal, you can sign up for a free month trial of Amazon Prime through the Amazon JP site.

What other semi-ridiculous ideas would you have for Nintendo Switch accessories? Let us know in the comments below.

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