Let's Find Kirby Book

Let’s Find Kirby! – A Where’s Waldo Type Search and Find Book

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A new book announced in Japan will help you take your love of Kirby from the screen to the page. In this new search and find style book titled “Let’s Find Kirby” you’ll hunt down a unique Kirby among many. Each page will have you find Kirby with a unique identifier, such as, the one holding a balloon or a Star Rod.  Hopefully the individual tasks will be easy enough to decipher with the images and good translate app as there is no scheduled western release yet announced. If you’re up for the challenge you can pre-order from Amazon Japan.

Which other Nintendo Characters would you be interested in hunting down in a search and find book? Do you have a Where’s Waldo alternative you enjoy? ‘Where’s the Wookie’ is a favorite at our house. Add your recommendations in the comments?

Let's Find Kirby Book

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