Funimation is Lobbying for Goku in Next SSB Game

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We’ve all heard the numerous requests by fans for new characters in the Super Smash Bros. franchise, but what if the request comes from a company itself? Funimation, one of the biggest anime-licensing companies in the U.S., has done exactly that. According to the company’s Twitter account, they want Goku in the next Smash game.

Funimation is the licensing company in charge of many different anime’s to the U.S., but none is bigger than their partnership with Toei Animation for its Dragon Ball franchise. Essentially, Funimation holds most of the cards when licensing the Dragon Ball name, meaning issues related to licensing shouldn’t be a factor. Also, considering the many different Dragon Ball games recently released for Nintendo consoles, it would be a huge shock to add Goku in.

We don’t feel as if Goku joining the fight would break any rules, especially considering characters such as Sonic and Pac-Man are already available. What are your thoughts on the Saiyan joining the roster?

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7 thoughts on “Funimation is Lobbying for Goku in Next SSB Game

  1. It specifically does break the rules though. Thus far the rule has been that the character needs to have originated in a video game first and foremost to be considered. Goku’s been in videogames, but he certainly didn’t get his start in one. So until that rule gets specifically discarded, he’s out of the running.

    1. Where do it sasy they have to be from a game they never said that, so shut up about being from a game. Also don’t even get me started on if they had a game released on the nintendo switch because cloud got in and he hadn’t had a single game released on the switch.

    2. Yeah but they already broke the Nintendo only rule, so uh, I don’t think they will listen to that rule.

      Also remember when they said Smash wasn’t supposed to be Comp, then literally next game they said it was.

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