Fan-made DS Virtual Console Switch Accessory Concept Plays with Our Emotions

While the Virtual Console still hasn’t been released for the Nintendo Switch, users haven’t stopped creating their own ideas on how it could be implemented on the console. In this case, a design regarding a DS/3DS-based Switch has been proposed. Twitter user Fred Wood, thatsmytrunks, posted his iteration of the idea, ultimately tilting the device to vertical orientation while also having an attachment to hold it in place. Take a look for yourself:

Sure, the design has some flaws, such as covering up the vents, but the idea is pretty simplistic and looks go get the job done. The video should scale good cleanly due to the screen dimensions on the Switch, and most people probably wouldn’t object to the idea of playing 3DS titles on it. Of course, Nintendo probably doesn’t want to completely kill the 3DS, but we’re on board.


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