Fan Creates a 16-inch Nintendo Switch XL

Everyone who owns a Nintendo Switch should agree that having on the go gaming is a satisfying feeling. Portability does come with a cost, however, and while some may scoff at the idea of “only”  720p when out and about, others see it as a challenge. Case in point: YouTube user My Mate VINCE decided to mod his Switch by swapping out the standard screen for an overly large, 1080p version.

Supersized Nintendo Switch console.

The hardware itself is merely a 1080p 16″ TV strapped together with the console onboard, along with a few USB cords, portable batteries for the monitor and Switch’s power, and of course modified slides for the Joy-Con to snap onto. Sure, it may seem a little cumbersome, but this was primarily used as a tool to show the world it could be done. When everything is just tightly set onto the back of the TV itself via velcro, you know it’s probably not a final product.

The back of the XL console.

The TV can output in handheld or docked mode, letting gamers choose what version they’d like to play with. My Mate VINCE also says that there could be plans to create a finalized version with slimmer bezel, sound through speakers, and a fully-rechargeable battery pack.

What do you think of the design? Check out the video below for a detailed look at how he got the console working.

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