Another Fun Easter Egg Found Hidden in Switch’s Code

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Just when we think there are no more hidden gems to love about the Nintendo’s newest console, new bits keep popping up: according to Twitter users NicMagnier and TheToadKing, the Switch logs “Oyasumi” (good night) and “Ohayo” (good morning) when going in and out of Sleep Mode. You can find the pictures below.

The sleep log; Oyasumi is Japanese for “good night”
The wake up log; Ohayo is Japanese for “good morning”

Yes, you heard that right: the console tells itself, with its hemispherically native language, “good night” and “good morning.” Does this change anything? No, seemingly not, but still, we have to admit it is a very cute touch. We can add it to the list of fun items found with the Switch hardware, including the Pro Controller message. If you want to think of your console in an even more charming light, we’d suggest picking up one of our exclusive “derpy dog” stickers to add even more character. 

We’re not sure that Microsoft or Sony has, or ever will, add anything that fun in their consoles’ codes, but after seeing this maybe they will. Of course, Microsoft’s hardware does give people a friendly “Hello from Seattle”. Have you found any easter eggs on the Nintendo Switch that we have yet to discover? Let us know and we will feature you on the site!


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